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Les Dirty Jobs

Ah no please dont show me!!! I'm a swine you dont wanna know me!!

Ze Girlchild's indie-fanart-community
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Welcome to the_dirty_jobs :]! This is a community of venus___in_furs. Do you want a place to find all the stuff you need for your livejournal? I share layouts, icons, banners and more! So make sure you become a member. I am mainly interested in rock bands, music and art. AND NOW JOIN!
I want you to credit if you take something which you found here. You can credit layouts in your userinfo (credit to the_dirty_jobs or venus___in_furs), icons you can credit in the userpic comments (edit userpic --> comments) and banners and other stuff in your userinfo.
Also, please comment in this community if you take something.
Layout by popvendetta changes by me, colorfilter myrasis rillaith splashbomb tihana aloneinthetown dearest neke _diversion overbombing noctuaidae nine_am guitetype iroka daughterofsnape minusthewalrus immodica leggyslove inxsomniax [Bad username: 50thoughsandtearz] elli hermintage

Credit for some pictures: Ingrid Z, andrewkendall, l_s_g

If I have forgotten to mention anyone then please let me know! This surely didn't happen intentionally... thank you :]

60s, 70s, 80s, a clockwork orange, a nightmare before christmas, ac/dc, adam green, alb, albion, albion_fic, amèlie, andy warhol, angela's ashes, anti-religion, arcadia, arctic monkeys, art, art brut, audrey tautou, austin powers, babyshambles, banana, being trashy, bi-boys, biggles, bilo, björk, bloc party, books, bram stoker's dracula, brian slade, buzzcocks, carl barât, carl ♥ peter, carlos ashley rephael barât, carlos barât, chocolate, cocklove, coffee, coldplay, dali, damien rice, david bowie, dirtblonde, dirty pretty things, dorian gray, drawing, edie sedgwick, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, fabrizio moretti, feminism, frank mccourt, franz ferdinand, frida kahlo, fright night, gary powell, hair, indie, interpol, jarvis cocker, john hassall, john lennon, jrm, julian casablancas, kings of leon, kurt wilde, le drü, lets dance!, libertines, liverpool, lou reed, marr, maximo park, michael nyman, morrissey, morrissey ♥ marr, movies, music, my own private idaho, nick valensi, nightmare before christmas, nudity, oasis, oddity, oscar wilde, patrick wolf, peaches, peta, pete doherty, peter doherty, photography, photoshopping, pink floyd, poems, polka-dots, pop-art, pulp, punks, queens of noize, queens of the stoneage, radiohead, sadie frost, salad, salvador dalí, simpsons, skin, soundtracks, stripes, suede, test icicles, the beatles, the coral, the cribs, the cure, the decemberists, the kills, the libertines, the monkeys, the paddingtons, the rolling stones, the smiths, the strokes, the thrills, the velvet underground, the white stripes, the who, vegetarianism, vegetarians, velvet goldmine, venus in furs, yeah yeah yeahs, yeti, ziggy stardust