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Ze Libertines

ohhhwwww my teeth are still aching. right now i am not able to do anything. EXCEPT icons ^_^
and gawd i am so sick of eating soups all the time. fuck ze soup up the rs!!!!!

err anywho. I made 31. trust me, when you cant go to uni, when you already have always hated tv and when your friends are at work/uni. then you have to do something. and thats what i do... bleh

31 Libertines icons
+ 1 Carlos-sadicos-banny
= 32 pieces of libertines stuff.

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

oh ze 0... gotta count that one too. without it you couldnt build houses and bridges (*is so sorry for ranting she had too much engineering mechanics*)

00.Image hosted by 01.Image hosted by 02.Image hosted by 03.Image hosted by Photob
04.Image hosted by 05.Image hosted by 06.Image hosted by 07.Image hosted by
08.Image hosted by 09.Image hosted by 10.Image hosted by 11.Image hosted by
12.Image hosted by 13.Image hosted by 14.Image hosted by 15.Image hosted by
16.Image hosted by 17.Image hosted by 18.Image hosted by 19.Image hosted by
20.Image hosted by 21.Image hosted by 22.Image hosted by 23.Image hosted by
24.Image hosted by 25.Image hosted by 26.Image hosted by 27.Image hosted by
28.Image hosted by 29.Image hosted by 30.Image hosted by

the banny
Image hosted by

thank you lalizie for the lovely carl-font....
and yeah i am in not such a good mood thats why the "come back home"'s and "i want my biggles"'s is spread all around... oh and ze inspiration for this sad-libs-mood came from a short clip named "carl and pete cuddle" which was posted by lovely and my favy darling for doing this vicarinatutugal... so blame her ^_^

i love you though. xxx
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